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Engineered Tile

Engineered Tile is an innovative hybrid of vinyl flooring and ceramic tile that gives the sense of ceramic tile or wood plank without the negative aspects that come with them. Engineered tile is a stone based tile floor made with limestone to give it the strongest tile-like resilience you can find. It gives you the look of a ceramic floor but with the ease, maintenance and carefree qualities of a resilient floor. Engineered tile floors come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be installed traditionally with a grout line or tight to each other leaving no grout lines for a more contemporary look.

Our bright spacious showroom offers a wide selection of Engineered tile floor samples to choose from; Alterna, UltraCeramic, and Adura. Don't forget! If you can't find an engineered tile you like in our showroom, don't worry, browse the online showrooms of our distributors and give us the product code. 

Modern Kitchen
Image by Steven Ungermann

Benefits of Engineered Tile

  • Durable; properly installed tiles can last many years.

  • Warmer to touch than traditional ceramic tiles.

  • More comfortable underfoot.

  • Give the room the same rustic feel of ceramic tiles.

  • Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

  • Grout can be applied in a wide range of colors to match accents of the surrounding area.

  • Easier to install than traditional ceramic/stone tiles.

Engineered Tile Showrooms

Engineered Tile - Showroom
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