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Ceramic, Porcelain and Marble Tile

casaroma - Modern European Style tiles to love for a lifetime. Tiles from Ceratec offer a durable rustic touch to your home. Come browse our showroom, we have a large assortment Ceramic and Stone Tiles to help you find a style to fit any room in your home.
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Ceramic, porcelain and marble tiles are an ideal material choice for kitchens, baths, showers, basements, porches, laundry rooms, and other moisture-prone areas. They are extremely durable; water, stain, and wear-resistant; and easy to care for. Tiles installed in the correct way can last for many years. Available in an array of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes; currently 12" x 12" tiles and larger are the most popular choice. However smaller decorative mosaic tiles can also add a unique decorative touch to either a kitchen back-splash or when used as a border in combination with a larger wall or floor tile.

We proudly sell Ceramic, Porcelain and Marble Tile; with hundreds of sizes and styles to choose from. Our bright and spacious showroom offers a wide selection of tile floors samples to choose from; CasaRoma, Ceratec and Centura Tile. Don't forget! If you can't find a tile you like in our showroom, don't worry, browse the online showrooms of our distributors and give us the product code. We at Westport Flooring would be happy to order in that style of tile for you*(Depending on availability) to suit the job. After all, we're here to help you make the room of your dreams.

Ceramic tiles can change the look and feel of a room. Installing tiles can be difficult if you are planning on doing it yourself. Proper installation of ceramic tiles is essential in-order to guarantee longevity and the warranty. If the tiles are not installed correctly, they will crack or not last as long as they would if a professional had done the job correctly. Using the experienced tile setters at Westport Flooring can make the project faster, easier and less expensive.

To prevent chipping and cracking, tile must be installed over a firmly supported and approved subflooring material. Failure to do sure can result in broken tiles and/or cracked grout. Broken tiles cannot be repaired, but they can be replaced.

Ceramic, Porcelain and Marble Tile Sponsors' Showrooms

Ceratec Tiles
Casa Roma by GE Shnier
Centura Tile

  •  Durable; properly installed tiles can last many years.
  •  Extremely water, stain and wear resistant.
  •  Low maintenance; easy to care for.
  •  Ceramic tiles come in a wide selection of shapes, sizes and patterns.
  •  Can be laid in multiple patterns for a 'modernized' look.
  •  Grout can be applied in a wide range of colors to match accents of the surrounding area.
  •  With radiant in-floor heating cables the tiles can be warmed or cooled.

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